Weekly round-up: April 4

The 2020/21 North Atlantic right whale birthing season delivered more calves than the previous three years combined. Survey teams monitoring the critically endangered species recorded 17 newborns during daily flights over coastal waters between North Carolina and Florida from December to the end of March.  “What we are seeing is what we hope will beContinue reading “Weekly round-up: April 4”

Weekly round-up: March 28

African elephants will now be officially identified as two separate species – the African forest elephant and African savanna elephant – following new genetic evidence. Both are at risk of extinction.  As a single species the African elephant was classified as Vulnerable on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Red List, but divisionContinue reading “Weekly round-up: March 28”

Weekly round-up: March 21

Safeguarding 30 per cent of the world’s seas and oceans would protect almost 80 per cent of marine species and increase catch by eight million metric tonnes – while also preventing the release of one billion tons of carbon dioxide annually due to bottom trawling, reports an international team of scientists and economists. Their study,Continue reading “Weekly round-up: March 21”

Weekly round-up: March 14

Birds that live in groups and receive help raising their young live longer than those parenting alone, and boast an eight per cent higher annual survival rate than their frazzled counterparts. A study from Lund and Oxford universities reviewed data for 23 species of bird which vary in rearing habits, including the long-tailed tit, sociableContinue reading “Weekly round-up: March 14”

Weekly round-up: March 7

A brown marmorated stink bug has been trapped in Britain for the first time, with fears the fruit-loving insect could become established across the nation – causing millions of pounds of damage to crops. The insect, which as its name suggests releases a strong odour when threatened, originated in south-east Asia, but has spread intoContinue reading “Weekly round-up: March 7”

Weekly round-up: February 28

Ten orangutans were released in the Borneo rainforest earlier this month as part of ongoing conservation efforts – but only after testing negative for Covid-19. Operations by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation have been hampered by the global pandemic since March last year, with rehabilitation centres closed to visitors, volunteers and researchers, and releases onContinue reading “Weekly round-up: February 28”

Weekly round-up: February 21

Climate change is altering the composition of wintering bird communities in Europe and North America faster than that of breeding populations, according to new research. The study, led by the University of Helsinki, found that while warming temperatures are affecting both communities, the higher proportion of migratory species in the wintering areas revealed a moreContinue reading “Weekly round-up: February 21”

Weekly round-up: February 14

Female giraffes who are more sociable and spend time in larger groups with other females benefit from lower stress, more efficient foraging and co-operation in caring for young – resulting in longer lives. A study of more than 500 females across multiple communities in Tanzania by the University of Zurich showed that less social individualsContinue reading “Weekly round-up: February 14”

Weekly round-up: February 7

Noise pollution from human activities in the ocean is causing significant harm to marine fauna, affecting their behaviour, physiology and reproduction – in some cases resulting in death – according to a new study. Sound is vital to marine animals, including for communication, navigation and hunting. Since the Industrial Revolution however, the ocean soundscape hasContinue reading “Weekly round-up: February 7”